Personal Healing Exercise for the Month


The healing exercise is relevant and aligned with current astrological energies. It may include questions for reflection and journaling, ideas to help you shift patterns, or areas to focus on that work with natural cycles. Each exercise is easy to integrate into your daily life or regular self-care practices and can be adapted to work with your personal needs.

Healing Opportunity for November 2018: Aligning Your Beliefs

This month brings an important opportunity to look at the stories you are telling yourself about “the way things are” that may limit your thinking.

Write down three beliefs or ways of thinking you have that do not serve the outcomes you want to create and come up with a way to re-frame those into a more positive energetic alignment that invites in more of what you want.

Here are some examples:

1. Unsupportive thought or belief: A particular group or political party is causing problems for everyone.
Positive belief/reframe: I may not be able to control what others think, but I can live according to my own values of X, Y, and Z. Do you believe in those around you and share love and support unconditionally?

2. Unsupportive thought or belief: The world, system, etc. is so corrupt it may be beyond repair.
Positive belief/reframe: The things I can do to create greater justice and restore balance are to (e.g. volunteer in my community, write a letter expressing what is important to me, or other proactive choice).

3. Unsupportive thought or belief: There is no way to reverse the damage done by climate change.
Positive belief/reframe: While much harm has been done, there is also much harm that can still be avoided. When I listen deeply to my own inner wisdom, I will know what I personally need to do.

4. Unsupportive thought or belief: I have to have (money, a degree, a certain type of achievement, etc.) before I can do the things I want.
Positive belief/reframe: I can start today by taking steps that lead me in the direction of what I want. The universe will show me the best way to make the things I want doable.

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