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New updates will be posted a day or two before each New and Full Moon. Enjoy!

December 17/18 New Moon in Sagittarius

During this New Moon, five planets form a stellium—a grouping in close proximity—in Sagittarius. Mercury is retrograde in Sagittarius. Venus, the Sun, and Moon are all in Sagittarius. Saturn is in the final degree of Sagittarius.

And all five planets are in a square (90 degrees apart) with Chiron, the archetype of the wounded healer.

So not only do we have our annual Sagittarius New Moon opportunity to re-examine our beliefs, but during this New Moon, we are learning to become better healers by working consciously with our beliefs.

Most of the time, beliefs are unconscious. Have you ever been convinced that something would happen, and then been proven wrong? Did it occur to you before you discovered you were wrong that it was simply a belief and not the hard truth?

Or perhaps you think dairy products are bad for you and your friend thinks dairy products are good for you. Each of you has a belief that can be backed up with supporting facts.

We tend to think that what we think is true and simply a reflection of reality. But if we look deeper, we may find that it is actually just a belief we hold.

In particular around this New Moon, you are invited to look closely at what you are assuming to be true without questioning it.

Especially things that hold you back or challenge you.

Is there something you could be overlooking? Is there a new perspective you need? How can you get outside your everyday perspective and try something new?

Looking at things from new angles will help you solve problems. It will also help you see how things aren’t as dire or hopeless as you thought.

Whatever you may be facing in your life, there is always a creative way to move through it that hasn’t occurred to you yet. Give yourself the time and space to examine your assumptions and beliefs, and expand your beliefs about what is possible!

Chart for the Sagittarius
New Moon
10:30 pm PST - 1:30 am EST
December 17-18, 2017


December 3 Full Moon in Gemini

Gemini energy is about curiosity and gathering information. During the upcoming Gemini Full Moon, be sure to open your mind and ask questions.

When you think you know what is what, you are actually operating with a “closed” mind. So pretend you don’t know. Go back to the beginning and start with a beginner’s mind.

Gemini gets a bad rap for being “distractible”—for getting lost in tangents. But if you can remember it is through your capacity to notice what you aren’t already aware of, then you can learn new things and see things from new perspectives.

To open your mind, it’s important to let go of what you think you know. When you become aware of your everyday habits and patterns you can inquire into things you usually take for granted.

For example, perhaps you have habits you would like to change, like habits of putting self care last or habits of being impatient with someone you love. Getting curious about why those habits are there in the first place can help you see new possibilities.

This Full Moon is an especially important time to get curious because there is a tight t-square in which Neptune forms a 90-degree angle, or square, with both the Sun and the Moon.

Neptune brings the energy of the divine, or your dreams or imagination, trying to speak to you. If you aren’t listening deeply, you may find yourself more prone to confusion and disillusionment during this Full Moon.

On the other hand, listening more deeply will give you access to spiritual and emotional insights. Those insights can help you be more loving, patient, and kind with yourself and others.

Let this Full Moon reveal to you what you may have been previously unable to see.

Chart for the Gemini Full Moon
7:46 am PST - 10:46 am EST
December 3, 2017