Moon Planning Calendars


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Current Moon Planning Calendar

A user friendly guide to the “mood of the day,” the Astrology Heals Moon Planning Calendar will help you immediately know how to focus each day for optimal healing and results, the best times for things like action, brainstorming, and self-care, and what will make your loved ones, clients, colleagues, and potential customers feel heard and served on any given day.

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The Moon represents feeling, mood, internal and emotional experience. The Moon sign indicates the mood of the day!

Fire Moons are good for action, activity, expression, and movement.
Aries: Good time for moving forward and taking action, initiating, making mistakes, being self-focused, assertiveness, and courage
Leo: Good time for creativity, self-expression, generosity, seeking an audience, drama, and big experiences
Sagittarius: Good time for philosophical expression, journeys, seeking the big picture, and interpreting data to discover meaning

Earth Moons are good for engaging the senses, working with materials, focusing on resources and creating results
Taurus: Good time for enjoying the physical world, making things tangible, and maintaining what is already in motion
Virgo: Good time to attend to details, cleaning, organization, craftsmanship, technological details, and health
Capricorn: Good time to build foundations, work with structures and systems, set goals, and make plans

Air Moons are good for thinking, gathering and processing information, discussions and dialogue, and engaging the mind
Gemini: Good time for seeking information and asking questions, exploring ideas, networking, and collecting data
Libra: Good time to focus on balance and harmony, relationship issues, and bringing fairness and justice
Aquarius: Good time for visioning the future, strategy, new ideas, innovation, inventions, and receiving insight

Water Moons are good for processing feelings, attending to self-care needs, intuition, and experiencing interconnectedness
Cancer: Good time for nurturing and nurturing activities, attending to emotional needs, caring and compassion, mothering
Scorpio: Good time for processing deeper emotional experiences, being present with mystery, transformation
Pisces: Good time for spiritual practices and connecting with divine energies, boundless feeling, easy to feel what others feel

New Moons are times for setting intentions, planting seeds, and creating sacred space

First Quarter Moons are times for getting clear about who you are and what is important

Full Moons reveal or reflect back to you something you need – information or clarity may come through related to your intentions

Third Quarter Moons are times for getting clear about what you think and believe, making adjustments as needed

Waxing Moons (from New to Full, growing bigger each night) are for activity, action, initiation, and movement

Waning Moons (from Full to New, getting smaller each night) are for digestion, integration, reflection, and rest

V/C or Void of Course Moons are times when it is not a good idea to initiate projects or take decisive action. The outcome is not supported. If you are planning an event or initiating contact that has a specific purpose, it is recommended to avoid void of course Moons.

Mercury retrograde is a time when communications and mental process turn inward. Attempts to communicate outwardly can often become
muddled or confused. Mishaps, miscommunications, and technology glitches may interfere with direct communication.

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  • use your time in the most effective ways possible
  • connect more deeply

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