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Four Keys to Create Your
Soul-Based Action Plan

Get out of frustration over the world’s problems, and into the healing and meaning that your life is truly about!

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Four Keys to Create Your Soul-Based Action Plan
Do you ever feel like the life you imagine is constantly out of reach?
What if I were to tell you that your astrological chart reveals your soul's highest potential, and ALSO the way to achieve it.
Click here now to get access to a four-part video series that walks you through creating your very own action plan.
This simple plan supports your well-being, gets the results you want, and is based in your soul’s truth.
Working with natural cycles helps is the ancient and yet revolutionary approach in which you are never alone. The universe has your back and wants you to succeed, and I will show you how.
See you on the inside!
With love,

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Here is a detailed description of everything that is included. EARTH WALK LEVEL (Free):

  • The Four Keys to Create Your Soul-Based Action Plan Video Series

    This four-part video series walks you through completing your soul-based action plan worksheet. At the end of the series, you will have your very own personalized action plan completed, so you are ready to step into a future filled with infinite possibility.

  • Soul-Based Action Plan Worksheet

    This worksheet gives you a step by step system for creating your very own action plan that supports mind, body, emotion, and spirit, and helps you live according to your highest potential.

  • Free Gift! Eclipse Guided Meditation - The Courage to Shine

    The 2017 Solar Eclipse was an important moment that will remain potent years into the future. Listening to this meditation will help you step into your calling as an agent of healing and compassion in the universe. It will help you access clarity and align with your deepest truth while knowing you are deeply supported and nourished.

  • Current Moon Planning Calendar

    A user friendly guide to the “mood of the day,” the Astrology Heals Moon Planning Calendar will help you immediately know how to focus each day for optimal healing and results, the best times for things like action, brainstorming, and self-care, and what will make your loved ones, clients, colleagues, and potential customers feel heard and served on any given day.


LUNAR EXPEDITION LEVEL (You get all of the above, PLUS):

  • Synchronicity Circle

    Access a private online community forum with regular updates where you can ask questions and take advantage of current astrological opportunities for healing and change.

  • Current Monthly Astrological Healing Overview

    A monthly astrological overview gives you a heads up so you can be ahead of the game. Includes guidance based on your evolutionary type, and a personal healing exercise.

  • Moon Sign Posts and Intention Reminders

    Receive regular posts that remind you of the mood and opportunities of each day. You can also opt in for personal intention reminders that keep you on track with manifestation.

  • New and Full Moon Intention-Setting Worksheets

    Work consciously with Moon Cycles to effortlessly align with the unfolding energies and step into your most sincere hopes and dreams.

  • Recorded Intention-Setting Guidance

    Brief recordings walk you through the specific healing opportunities of each unique New Moon sign, and help you set clear intentions so you are deeply supported.

  • An Extensive Library of Soul-Supportive Guided Meditations

    Access your courage, inner wisdom, and natural healing abilities with guided meditations that bring deep relaxation, refreshing clarity, and inspired creativity.

  • Special Pricing on Private Sessions

    As a premium member, you have access to special member pricing on private sessions.


SOLAR SYSTEM VOYAGE LEVEL (You get all of the above, PLUS):

  • One Private Personal Support or Tutoring Session Per Month

    Learn about your chart in depth with regular readings while you receive ongoing support for living your soul's deepest truth. During regular, monthly private sessions with Marina, you will learn be supported in your personal healing and transformation and learn strategies from your chart to overcome real-life challenges, stay on track with your soul-based action plan, and fulfill your highest potential in service to your community and the world around you. If you wish you can additionally use this time for private tutoring in the techniques and methods of evolutionary and transformational astrology.


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Get clarity from your soul's truth.

People are raving about Manifesting with Moon Cycles and Marina’s Meditations.

“Before subscribing to Lunar Expedition, I longed to buy the cottage next door to my family's house. Since following Marina's guidance, I set the intention with each new moon that the place would be mine, and I soon noticed that each full moon seemed to bring some advancement. Two days after this last full moon, we closed on the sale--paying less than we originally offered. Marina's gentle guidance and positive message helped me manifest this dream. She can help you, and we can help our world.”Nancy Schertzing, Presque Isle, MI
"Working with Marina through Manifesting with Moon Cycles: Lunar Expedition has given me the focus I needed to find what I’m here for and claim it. Working with the material and listening to the meditations has been incredibly helpful. It helps me let go of what makes me anxious and accept what is. It has helped me transition from my full time job to supporting myself with my passions, bodywork and ministry."Donna Erickson, Albuquerque, NM
"I took a deep breath when I read your recent post for members. It empowers me to begin my work week rebooted. I am very grateful for your expertise, and for the validation of my gifts."Joanna Drackert, Crown Point, IN
"Because of your meditations I feel more steady than ever and that steadiness is allowing productivity in a way I’ve never experienced. It is bringing me more joy than I’ve ever imagined." Lisa Freitag, Stillwater Acupuncture & Nutrition, Stillwater, MN
"I love and truly appreciate Marina’s meditations. They provide the gentle, ongoing, deep inner guidance I’ve felt I sorely needed."Helen Thompson, Catalunya, Spain

Click to listen to Shena Salvato's inspiring story about listening to a Manifesting with Moon Cycles meditation.

"I just LOVED, LOVED the guidance you shared in your recent recording [a video update provided to Lunar Expedition members]. It was insightful and really lovely to listen to. Not only did I resonate with many of the things you were explaining, but I also felt this warm sense of community, I was genuinely thinking about each person in the group in a caring, loving way, as if I knew them. Thank you so much for this lovely gift, Marina"Ofelia, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
"Thank you for the information you shared [in Lunar Expedition]. It's pointing me where I'm headed!"Katie Adler, Voice Over Artist, Tokyo, Japan
"The guidance you recently provided [in Lunar Expedition] was outstanding. I received SO much from the information you shared. It really hit home and I've been steadily building my foundation."Trisha Miller, Founder of Whole Wisdom Whole YOU Coaching, Shady Cove, OR
"Marina’s work brings a blanket of support to those of us who are working to heal ourselves and the planet." Lev Natan, Sacred Business Coach and Founder of the Medicine Tree Center, High Falls, NY
"The meditations help me see the big picture and not take things personally." Deborah Munhoz, MS, CPC, Pure Success Coaching, Eugene, OR
"I got chills."Gi Thomas, Founder of Paradigm Shifting and host of the Mother Earth Festival, Veneta, OR

Click to listen to Lev Natan's sharing about Marina Ormes and the Manifesting with Moon Cycles Lunar Expedition level.

About the Music and Sound Healing in the Manifesting with Moon Cycles Meditations

Click here to listen to an interview with Deonne Wright about the magic and mystery of the Ruby Crystal Alchemy sound healing in the background of the meditations.

Click here to read Marina's personal story about the magic and mystery of the native Zimbabwean music at the beginning and end of the meditations.

Click here to read Moon Cycles and Manifestation: Guest Blog Post by Michelle Peticolas Ph.D.

About Marina Ormes

Manifesting with Moon Cycles is created and provided by Marina Ormes.

Marina is an Evolutionary Astrologer and retired Holistic Nurse with over 25 years background in astrology and holistic healing. She is the founder of Astrology Heals and the creator of Manifesting With Moon Cycles. She is the author of Cycles of Healing: Personal Transformation In Relationship To a Living Cosmos and Astrology Heals: The Ormes Method of Transformational Astrology. Her work has impacted thousands of visionaries and healers around the world.



Awaken your heart's truth and manifest your soul's passions with the rhythm of natural cycles.

Lunar Expedition: $67/month
Limited time offer: $39/month

This offer is no longer available. Click the button to learn more about working with Marina.

Get clarity from your soul's truth.